2018 Important Dates (January 2018)

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2018 Tax Dates

By Michael Aston, E.A.
Alhambra Tax Center


Here’s some information to start off the New Year.

January 22 – is the estimated date the IRS will start to accept E-filed tax returns. But with the pending tax changes being debated in Congress … this date may change.

January 31 – is when your Employer must either mail your Form W-2, or have the form be available to you electronically.

February 15 – is the earliest date the IRS can release refunds that include Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) and/or refundable portions of the American Opportunity Credit (AOC). If you’re not claiming any of the above tax credits and you e-file with direct deposit, 9 out of 10 tax payers will receive their refund within 21 days after the IRS receives your tax return.

March 15 – is the filing date for Partnership Income Tax Returns (Form 1065) and S-Corporation Income Tax returns (Form 1120S).

April 17 – is the filing date for Individual Income Tax returns (Form 1040), Trusts (Form 1041), and C-Corporations (Form 1120).

May 15 – is the filing date for Tax Exempt Organizations (Form 990).

September 17 – is the extension deadline for Partnerships and S-Corporations.

October 1 – is the extension deadline for Trusts.

October 15 – is the extension deadline for Individual and C-Corporations.

November 15 – is the extension deadline for Tax Exempt Organizations.

I would like to get the readers of my article more involved, so if you would have any tax related questions that you would like to appear in this article please email them to: michael@alhambrataxcenter.com.

The above dates are for a calendar year. If your entity is based on a fiscal year, please contact your tax preparer or the IRS for your due dates.

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.